Click the pics - der Weg zu noch mehr Maps !

Hier findet Ihr einige meiner Lieblingsmaps !

Sie sind geeignet für Singleplay und Deathmatch !

Name : Map-Größe : File-Größe : Beschreibung :
DUKENUDES 4.51 MByte 1.6 MByte Macht einiges schärfer...
ANSLEM.MAP 248 kByte 65 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
BETAONE.MAP 336 kByte 91 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
BOBAFETT.MAP 212 kByte 68 kByte Issich nett - Plutonium Pack req´
CERBV11.MAP 284 kByte 80 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
CITY.MAP 301 kByte 80 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
CLAYMORE .MAP 319 kByte 100 kByte Aliens have boarded and taken control of the U.S.S. Claymore, a new interplanetary destroyer of immense power. They threaten to destroy the entire Earth, city by city, until their demands are met. This upsets you because hockey season is just beginning and the destruction would certainly disrupt the standings.
DIESCHOL.MAP 191 kByte 55 kByte This is the first floor of the school which is called Scott Park . It includes a gymnasium, auditorium, bathrooms, working escalator, auto shop, wood shop, and other various secret rooms.
DMANSION.MAP 188 kByte 52 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
HARBOR.MAP 204 kByte 55 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
INFERNO.MAP 190 kByte 55 kByte A city on earth has been completely run over by the aliens. They have decided to burn it to the ground, it is your job to stop them. They have lit the largest building in the city on fire, the firemen have all been killed, and the aliens have taken the firetruck on a joyride, running over pedestrians and causing major havoc.
JUNGLE2.MAP 321 kByte 96 kByte Mountains, swomps, jolly green commandopigs, slimes and a Cadillac. Duke and his fellow kickassers has crashed the van during an earthquake. Find a way around the collapsed road to complete the mission: -Destroy their mobile cabeltv unit.
-Find my stolen Cadillac.
KRY047.MAP 251 kByte 71 kByte No Descr.
METRPLIS.MAP 267 kByte 75 kByte Large city death match and single player level
MOP-UP.MAP 214 kByte 52 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
MYSTIFY.MAP 230 kByte 65 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
OUTPOST2.MAP 183 kByte 54 kByte Outpost2 has the following new features and improvements: Added monsters, keys for a one-player game,added a 2-way train,new control room,"generator" room with upper and lower level,accessible by elevator, 9 shocking, moving generators,sliding doors,etc.
PRISON1.MAP 230 kByte 63 kByte A prison in space
RCASTLE.MAP 318 kByte 86 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
SHIFTY.MAP 154 kByte 44 kByte Many Stores - Plutonium Pack req´
THELEMA2.MAP 303 kByte 94 kByte There is no exit. Kill one of the big baddies to win ... Squish your friends in the Misery Machine during dukematch. Dont miss the path leading to the two atoms in the section with the spinning room.
Plutonium Pack req´
UNDERGRD.MAP 292 kByte 91 kByte No Descr.
UPTOWN.MAP 370 kByte 98 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
RFE11.MAP 231 kByte 1.27 MByte A tribute to conservative talk-radio - Plays on a Moon Base - Lots of detail and cool special effects
SLAUNCH.MAP 156 kByte 42 kByte The Aliens have overtaken a nuclear missile silo, Duke has to activate and launch the missiles, they have already been pre-programmed to strike an Alien Mother Ship. Of course on the way dispatch the Alien presence.
Plutonium Pack req´
SUPER35.MAP 153 kByte 40 kByte With a Diner, Nightclub, Bank, Police station Shops etc
Plutonium Pack req´
WILDCITY.MAP 275 kByte 78 kByte Its a huge DUKEMATCH level with many secrets and sniper spots. It has almost everything you can put in a level.
WHTHOUS2.MAP 186 kByte 141 kByte A Redo of the original "Whitehouse Invasion" level including MONSTERS, NEW WAV SOUNDS and the creepy soundtrack from the movie "HALLOWEEN." Also added a large bonus sector for all you baseball fans out you can teleport from Washington to YANKEE STADIUM in the Bronx for some extra killing ground in either solo-player or dukematch! This level utilizes a new USER.CON file which is included in this zip file.
INVADERS.MAP 184 kByte 47 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
ROADKILL.MAP 234 kByte 61 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
ROB4.MAP 230 kByte 68 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
SANDBAR.MAP 190 kByte 53 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
SCUMCITY.MAP 206 kByte 56 kByte Sorry, Descr. lost
THE_BASE.MAP 283 kByte 77 kByte A base on an island
UFO.MAP 209 kByte 55 kByte At first you are in house, there is also a street and more houses. One of the houses breakes down and reveals a path.